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Our Radio Show

Heard on multiple local Radio Stations, as well as our Internet Radio Source. Listen to all of our radio shows. Topics include many types of insurance, as well as Protecting Your Assets, and Retirement Planning. Listen to our shows right here on your computer!

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Insurance University

Our Educational Section. We explain various types of insurance, how it works and the benefits that each plan can provide. Health Insurance (Medicare & the Affordable Care Act), Asset Growth with Guarantees, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Funeral Trusts, Help with Medicaid issues, Disability Plans, Indemnity Plans, & More.


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Who we help

Our focus is on Protecting Your Future, Today! Through health insurance, asset guarantees and growth, long term care protection, crisis planning and more. Anyone that wants to protect and grow their Nest Egg, have Guaranteed Returns, who needs help with Medicare or the Affordable Care Act plans, and much much more.... See our Insurance University for more.

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Good News Ohio & Premier Solutions Group

Protecting Your Future, Today!

We are a group of professionals with the highest ethics and over 100 years combined experience in the Senior, Retirement, Estate Planning and Investment fields from across the United States with one common purpose in mind.

We truly felt there were better ways to meet and assist clients, provide guidance and protection for individuals and families, putting their needs "First". We can show you what your options are and what you can do. Then you can determine what you want to do, making well thought out and educated decisions about your future. It is our mission to afford families the knowledge necessary to understand the realities of the minefield we call retirement. Premier Solutions Group educates our clients in ways so they can maintain the quality of life they have grown accustom to. We also set up Lifetime Income strategies while preserving assets from Long Term Care or Medicaid events.

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